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Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

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Wisdom Teeth
Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Over the course of human evolution, there are a few body parts that have been rendered essentially useless. These body parts are called vestigial organs and include the appendix, tailbone and wisdom teeth. While these body parts were once considered important to prehistoric humans, these are no longer useful. Some body parts, like the appendix, can even be removed without causing any adverse side effects.

As such, it is not unusual for your dentist to recommend removal through oral surgery. In fact, roughly 5 million people have had this dental procedure completed.

You might be asking “Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed?”

Dentists recommend the extraction as a preventive measure. There might be nothing wrong with your wisdom teeth now, but there is a possibility that it can become impacted. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it simply means that these cannot break through the jaw. One reason behind that may be because there is no room for these to grow out. It is also possible that the teeth are growing at an angle against another tooth which can lead to damage to that tooth. When these teeth push nearby teeth, these can also cause pain and bite problems. In addition, a wisdom tooth can lead to the formation of cysts. Left unchecked, these cysts can lead to nerve damage and the hollowing of the jaw.

Is it Hard to Remove A Wisdom Tooth?

Another reason why dentists recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth, especially at a young age, is that it is easier to do so. As a person ages, the bones get harder, making the task of extracting wisdom teeth harder. Additionally, removing wisdom teeth when you are younger can prevent problems like heavy bleeding, fractured teeth, and minor loss of jaw movement.

Additional Issues

Other problems caused by wisdom teeth include sinus problems, inflamed gums, and cavities. If you have undergone alignment work like braces and crowns, wisdom tooth impaction can reverse some of the progress you have achieved with these treatments.
If you are unsure about whether extracting your wisdom teeth is best for you, your dentist in Prescott can explain the rationale behind his or her recommendation. You may also request to wait a few months before making a final decision. However, if problems like bad odor, swelling or pain at the back of your teeth occur, it may be time to reconsider having your wisdom teeth extracted.

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