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Top 5 Tips on Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Discover Top 5 Tips on Teeth Whitening with Horizon DDS.


Your pearly whites have an effect on your appearance as well as self-confidence. When you have whiter teeth, you smile more often. When you smile more often, people naturally feel more comfortable around you. Anyone who has that happy expression will always look attractive, too. Of course, whiter teeth are also associated with healthier teeth.


Clearly, you’re doing your teeth a world of good when you try teeth whitening methods. But which one should you do? How do you maintain results longer? And what limitations should you know about?


Here are our top 5 tips on teeth whitening to help you sort out the answers.


  1. Consider in-office teeth whitening.

You can get teeth whitening products over the counter. Take them home and basically do the teeth whitening process on your own. While this might sound like the more affordable way to go, it might not always deliver the “snowy” white results you want. Most at-home teeth whitening kits could also take longer to work. You’re not likely to get instant results. Moreover, a higher concentration of bleach on some products could lead to post-op sensitivity.


In-office teeth whitening provides you with several options, from professional whitening to power bleaching to chairside whitening. With a dentist doing the treatment, it is also the safest way to whiten your teeth.


  1. Take a “before” photo.

Your dentist might do a “before” photo because this helps to keep track of the results from the procedure. You will know right away if you have moved a shade or two since your procedure.


  1. If it’s dark, don’t put it in your mouth.

Maintain the results from your teeth whitening procedure by going on a white teeth diet. That means nothing dark to eat or to drink. You’ll want to stay away from curries, red sauces on pasta, chocolate, beets, berries, red wine, colas, black tea, and anything that will stain your teeth.


But don’t panic when you do consume such foods; rinse with water immediately, and eat an apple to naturally clean your teeth.


  1. Don’t go to extremes with teeth whitening.

You can overdo it by over-bleaching, with multiple whitening products. When you over-bleach with whitening strips and toothpaste, you’re harming your teeth. And your dentist may deem you an unsuitable candidate for teeth whitening.


  1. Think about other whitening options.

Finally, your dentist can still recommend other options if a teeth whitening treatment isn’t for you. Veneers or bridges can fix dental issues, like malalignment, which can make your teeth appear darker. So don’t lose hope when your teeth are sensitive because with today’s modern treatments, the right dentist will always find a solution for you.



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