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A Tried and Trusted Method of Tooth Replacement

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Tooth ReplacementFull and Partial Dentures – A Tried and Trusted Method of Tooth Replacement

Are you missing a few teeth? Do you wish to have all your teeth replaced? If you find yourself in this predicament, the obvious answer is to head to your chosen Prescott, AZ dentist and get dentures. Full and partial dentures have been the solution to missing teeth for a long time.

You want to enjoy all of your own teeth for the rest of your natural life, but the odds of you needing dentures increase as you get older. At times, it can’t be helped and some people require them while they’re still young.

Accidents or disease can happen to anyone, so it’s good to learn about dentures in case you ever need them. To begin with, there are three basic kinds of tooth replacement: partial dentures, full dentures, and overdentures. What does each one do and how does it work?

Partial dentures

These attach to the teeth you still have. They bear a gum-colored portion to blend into your actual gum as well as prosthetic teeth to fill in the gaps left by your missing teeth. They have been used for a long time to replace a set of teeth that were grouped together or scattered across the upper or lower jaw. Removable partial dentures come in many variants, each one with its own pros and cons. You’ll have to discuss with your dentist which one is suitable for you.

Full dentures

Just like partial dentures, these are made of prosthetic teeth that are meant to replace your missing teeth and a gum-colored portion that’s supposed to blend in with your real gum. Their main difference from partial dentures is that they’re used to replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth, or perhaps even both.


These are a later innovation that combines traditional denture technology and more recent advancements in dental implants. They basically have two implanted attachments established to the lower jaw so that they sit securely in place, boosting comfort, retention, and stability. They do away with the usual lower-jaw full-denture issue of dislodgement due to the limited foundation and movement of the tongue muscle. They also benefit the wearer in decreasing the amount of bone loss experienced with traditional dentures, thereby helping preserve integrity of the facial structure.

Whether dental patients should get full and partial dentures or overdentures can be determined through consultation with your trusted Prescott dentist. Either way, you’ll have an effective solution to your missing teeth.

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