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Signs You Need to Worry About Tooth Pain

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Tooth PainWhen to Worry About Tooth Pain

A toothache is a kind of pain that’s just impossible to ignore. Anybody who has experienced this pain will tell you that there’s simply no way of functioning normally when your teeth and gums are throbbing. It’s the equivalent and sometimes feels like a migraine.

When your tooth is aching, you simply cannot avoid worrying about it — you won’t be able to prevent your brain from thinking about all the possible reasons why you’re in such pain and how you can be free from it. However, not all toothaches are really that worrisome – sometimes, the causes are not anything too serious and life-threatening. So, when to worry about tooth pain — as in really worry?

Tooth pain caused by decay and cavities definitely hurt, but they’re not included in the list because they have easy solutions (fillings, root canal and crowns, and extraction). The truly worrisome reasons for tooth pain are the following:

Gum Disease 

While this can be treated by a dentist easily, (though it will require a long process,) there are serious complications that may arise due to periodontal disease. Therefore, this needs to be treated properly and as soon as possible in order to prevent potential complications.


This can cause severe toothaches and swelling and it’s usually due to common dental issues not being treated appropriately right away. Like periodontal disease, this can lead to serious complications if left untreated. The complication may prove fatal, especially if it’s accompanied with fever. It’s worth mentioning as well that a tooth infection is never a laughing matter as the mouth is in close proximity to the brain; infection can easily find its way to the brain and that will certainly have an impact on the organ.

TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder 

This can cause great physical discomfort and a person’s quality of life can become diminished because of it. It’s imperative for people with TMJ to get dental surgery in order to get rid of persistent pains and chronic inflammation that make everything from talking to eating extremely difficult.


The issue with this one is that it’s not a problem with the teeth and gums; however, it makes the gums swell, and there’s this persistent throbbing pain from the mouth that radiates to the ears and the head. The pain will persist until the right medication is provided.

Heart Disease

People with heart disease may experience severe tooth pains, which are accompanied with light-headedness and/or sweating. When these physical discomforts are experienced, have yourself checked by a dentist right away to prevent a full-blown flare-up of the disease.

For any kind of physical pain, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Whether the reason is something serious or just typical dental issues, it’s better to know what it is so you can do the appropriate thing and finally find relief from the ache.

If you find yourself suffering from tooth pain it’s important to see your Prescott dentist at Horizon Dental Group today.


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