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Teeth Whitening Options in Prescott

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Teeth Whitening Options in PrescottTeeth Whitening Options in Prescott

Teeth whitening is such a popular dental procedure for achieving a great smile. People can use different methods to whiten their teeth — from using kitchen ingredients like baking soda, lemon and salt, to purchasing home teeth whitening kits available at local supermarkets and beauty stations, to professional whitening treatments at dental offices where ideal results can be achieved in a single session.

If you’re in search of the best whitening treatments available that will deliver ideal results fast, these are the teeth whitening options in Prescott you should consider:

The budget-friendliest: Whitening Strips

You can buy these in a set and they usually just cost around $20 to $40 (price always depends on the brand). These are available at local pharmacies and supermarkets, and you can even order them online.

This DIY option delivers ideal results but you will need to go through the whole box (and another) if you want the brightest teeth, so you need to be patient. Also, you need to be meticulous when using whitening strips and coating all your teeth with gel, or else you may end up with uneven colored teeth, says a trusted Prescott, AZ dentist.

The best investment: Custom Bleaching Trays

These are way pricier than whitening strips (price ranges between $150 and $1,500), but you can whiten your teeth more conveniently if you have these custom bleaching trays. You can purchase these from your dentist so you can take the best DIY route to teeth bleaching.

Custom-fit trays are perfect for the even application of whitening gel over all your teeth; plus, they feel very comfortable. Be careful, however, with the whitening gel you use because some on the market can be too harsh. Use whitening gel formulas that have Carbamide Peroxide – they tend to be gentler on the gums compared to Hydrogen Peroxide formulas.

The fastest teeth whitening: Laser Teeth Whitening

Dental offices offer this for $500 or up to $2,500. It’s definitely the costliest option, but if it’s fast whitening you want, this is the option that will deliver that. This treatment uses highly concentrated formulas that are properly activated by the heat and light of the laser. In a single session, you’ll see a significant difference in the shade of your teeth.

However, teeth whitening using laser can cause the teeth to become more sensitive than other options tend to do, but you don’t have to worry much about this because your dentist has solutions that can diminish sensitivity during and after the treatment.

These are the best teeth whitening options in Prescott. Consult with your dentist in Prescott to decide which one to use based on your budget and how fast you want to see target results. Contact the teeth whitening professionals at Horizon Dental Group.


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