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Teeth Cleaning Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

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Teeth Cleaning MythsTeeth Cleaning Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

People now are more knowledgeable about how to take good care of their teeth. This is in huge part due to today’s technology that makes up-to-date dental care information easier to access than ever.

Another reason for this development is that the fear of the dentist has waned in the past several years. Leading dental clinics are now much more committed to making every visit comfortable, informative and even fun for patients. These visits are also a way for patients to receive more expert advice on better oral care.

Still, some myths on teeth and gum health remain, and many of these have to do with teeth cleaning. These teeth cleaning myths can wreak havoc on the strength, structure and appearance of your teeth and may do long-term damage to your overall oral condition.

It’s important to separate the truth from fiction to prevent damage to your pearly whites. Protect your smile by uncovering the real score behind these harmful teeth cleaning myths:


Brushing is a no-brainer

Brushing isn’t enough. You have to do it right to get value from it. Some best practices to follow:

– Brush at least twice a day.  

– Brush for at least two minutes to get a thorough clean.

– Apply firm pressure. Vigorous brushing can damage tooth enamel or irritate gums.

– Angle your toothbrush in a way that allows you to brush every surface; pay attention to hard-to-reach areas.

– Complement your brushing routine with regular flossing.


Whiter is better.

The color of your teeth is not often a good indication of the state of your dental health. Off-white teeth can sometimes be healthier than sparkly whites, which can still conceal cavities and diseases. Make sure to invest in regular visits to the dentist even if your teeth look perfectly pure white so the dentist can check for not-so-obvious damage and issues.  


Any toothbrush will do the job.

The type and quality of toothbrush you use will have an impact on the effectiveness of your oral care routine. If the bristles are too hard, you risk damaging your teeth, but if they’re too soft, then you may not be able to clean away debris effectively. A good choice is a toothbrush with a seal from a reputable dentists’ association. Better yet, follow your dentist’s recommendations.    


Don’t brush if your gums are bleeding.

People with teeth sensitivities, inflamed gums and other conditions that make them prone to pain while brushing can and will still need to brush. The difference is that their dentist may provide specific instructions, such as using a baby toothbrush or a special soft-bristled brush so as not to further irritate the affected areas.


Bleaching weakens teeth.

Not anymore. Teeth whitening solutions are now safer and more effective than ever, as long as you use dentist-approved products or undergo whitening under the supervision of a reputable dentist.


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