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How Dentures Can Give You a Smile Makeover

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Smile MakeoverHow Dentures Can Give You a New Smile

Seeking a smile makeover to finally fix your missing teeth? One of most efficient, straightforward and reasonably priced solutions you must look into is a set of dentures.

When you wear dentures to replace missing tooth, you will once again be able to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Moreover, your face regains a plumper, more youthful appearance compared to the shrunken look caused by facial sagging often experienced by people with missing teeth. 

Here’s what you need to know about how dentures can give you a new smile makeover:

Generally, people who lose a tooth or multiple teeth look older than they are – some studies say tooth loss can add more than 10 years to the look of an affected person’s face. If you are worried about aesthetics, it helps to know that dentures can give you a total facial makeover, and not just improve your smile.

Premature aging happens because the loss of hard and soft tissue (the teeth, the bone supporting the teeth and the gums) leads to loss in facial structure over time. As a result, the muscles of your face can sag, and the skin becomes less supple. Wrinkles become more pronounced and the lower face “collapses” or loses structure. As the remaining teeth shift to close in the gaps left behind by the missing teeth, the jaw protrudes and the cheeks begin to look hollowed.  


By wearing dentures, the face immediately regains structure and attains a fuller and therefore younger appearance. The sagging skin is stretched, minimizing the wrinkles and loose folds. Dentists recommend wearing dentures as soon as you need them to prevent the further loss of facial contours. The earlier you wear dentures, the fewer negative changes to the facial structure can take place.


A side benefit of wearing dentures that adds to your total smile makeover is the improved diet you can enjoy once you have your missing tooth restored. Many people that have missing teeth cannot chew and digest food properly. As a result, they end up not eating well at all (and therefore appear malnourished) or they simply consume food without properly enjoying and masticating it (and therefore become prone to overeating and gaining excess weight).


When you have a complete set of teeth, you can follow a more varied and complete diet that meets your nutritional requirements. You are able to chew food well, helping your body absorb much-needed nutrients properly. The result is a stronger, fitter body that completes your face and body makeover.  

To know more about achieving a more beautiful smile, contact your trusted Prescott, AZ dentist today.

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