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Sedation Dentistry – Safe Dental Sedation for Patients

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sedation dentistry

Safe Dental Sedation Used for Patients at Horizon Family Dental in Prescott Valley and Chino Valley Offices

Dental treatments and practices have evolved significantly in the last century including sedation for major dental procedures. Lost teeth can now be restored, disfigured teeth are made perfect, dental phobias are addressed, and many more changes that elevated the industry have transpired. One of the most important discoveries is sedation dentistry, because no matter how safe and minimally painful most dental treatments are, a lot of people still dread undergoing sessions on the dental chair.

Prescott Valley Dentists, Dr Reed and Dr. Costes offer sedation dentistry and say that this provision is most effective in outworking the anxiety a lot of people feel (link to anxiety blog) whenever they need to undergo a dental procedure. What happens is that they use medication to help patients relax or become completely unconscious during treatments. When patients are completely relaxed and numbed, they do not feel the discomforts of having various procedures such as scaling, extraction, incisions and the like performed in their mouths.

There are different kinds of sedatives used for safe dental sedation and they vary in the level of sedation they subject patients to. PV Dentist, Dr Reed listed them below and explain their effects.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas

This is administered through a gas mask placed over the nose and it’s combined with oxygen. It offers minimal sedation but works really well in relaxing patients. The effects of this inhaled sedative wear off rather quickly so patients who need to drive themselves home don’t have to worry about feeling groggy after their dental treatment. Patients remain awake but completely relaxed with this sedative.


This comes from the same drug family as Valium, which many know is used by those with insomnia and depression. This is taken orally and an hour prior to the dental procedure. It makes patients feel drowsy, and a higher dosage can put them to sleep. This offers mild to moderate sedation, meaning that while patients may fall asleep, it’s not going to be too deep a slumber that it’ll be difficult to wake them up. Alternatively, patients remain awake but are not completely aware of the ongoing procedure.

General Anesthesia

It is the most powerful sedative used for sedation dentistry because patients fall into a deep sleep during the procedure. It is administered via IV and it will render anyone unconscious immediately. This is ideal for people with severe anxiety over dental procedures; however, all patients that are sedated using general anesthesia should be driven home by a friend or family member after treatment because the sedative effects last much longer. Most of the time, special medication needs to be administered to reverse the effects, but even with this, patients can remain somewhat out of it or groggy for some time.

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