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Save your teeth during the holidays

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Holiday Dental Care

Save Your Teeth This Season!

The holidays are a-coming. Say hello again to the busiest, most hectic, sometimes most frantic time of the year—and according to dentists, also the most perilous time for your dental health.

How do the holidays affect your teeth?

The schedule. Amidst the back-to-back parties, the endless shopping, the visits to the relatives and the season’s traffic, meticulously brushing and flossing your teeth may just be the last thing on your mind.

The festive feasts. Many of the food items and dishes traditionally served during the holidays can be damaging to your teeth, if you’re not careful about what you eat and don’t practice vigilant dental care.  

All that running around. For many people, the holiday break is an opportunity to go on a vacation such as an out-of-town trip. This puts their routine out of whack, and often shoves dental hygiene to the backseat.

As a result, poor dental health behaviors abound during the season. Toothaches, chipped teeth and other dental emergencies are often on the rise during the months of November and December. What makes the situation more complicated is that many dentists often close up shop to commemorate special occasions during these months, making it difficult to look for immediate treatment and relief from pain.

To address this issue, the American Dental Association launched their dental health holiday campaign which aims to educate people on proper dental care around the holidays. With the use of informational videos, coloring sheets, hygiene charts and other educational materials, dentists and dental care professionals and advocates help keep people’s smiles healthy not just during the season but throughout the year.

So don’t let a toothache ruin your holiday cheer. Remember the following tips as you celebrate during this special season:

Commit to your routine

Stick to your dental care routine no matter how busy you’ll get. If you’re traveling, keep your dental hygiene kit handy. If you can’t help but eat that piece of peppermint candy, be ready to brush with fluoride toothpaste and floss thoroughly right after.  

Pay your dentist a visit

This is a must, especially for those who will be going away for a vacation. Have your teeth checked up and cleaned, and undergo the necessary treatments before the holiday rush and before you leave for someplace nice (which may not have proper dental health facilities). Consider it your gift to yourself.

Watch what you drink

Some of the best-loved party beverages can be damaging to the teeth, such as soda, punch, sugary drinks and red wine. Use a straw to minimize contact with your teeth if you can’t decline the drinks. And drink plenty of water round-the-clock.

Watch what you eat

You don’t have to deprive yourself of the yummy grub that’s readily available this season. The key is to eat less of the bad things and more of the good treats so you don’t miss out—and at the same time, so you won’t be at risk of tooth decay. For instance, reach for the turkey, veggies and cheese instead of the puddings and sugar-packed desserts.  

Wear protective gear if necessary

Winter games can be rowdy. If you’re planning to ski, or do a round of ice hockey, wear teeth guards and other gear to shield your mouth and teeth from injury. We hope you don’t need any dental care during this busy time of year, but if you do, be sure to contact Dr. Costes and Dr. Reed for all of your emergency dental care needs. 

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