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How Long Do Root Canals Take?

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Root CanalsHow Long Do Root Canals Take?

A root canal is necessary if there’s damage to the pulp or nerve of the tooth. This kind of damage can lead to severe infection that can manifest through swelling, pain, and even high fever.

While it seems like a root canal would be painful, typically, it’s not. It’s also not a particularly lengthy procedure. The entire treatment can be accomplished in a single appointment if the dental clinic has all the necessary equipment. It’s now less common for root canal therapy to take two or more scheduled appointments.

When Are Multiple Visits Required?

However, multiple visits to the dental clinic for root canals are required if the patient is dealing with some pains or complications. Special restoration, such as the application of a dental crown, is included in the procedure.

For example, with the two-visit approach, the different tasks are divided into two sessions. The first appointment is concentrated on cleaning and shaping the tooth’s root canal system. The second appointment is for the application of medication and actual restoration. This is usually scheduled a week or so after the first appointment.

Restoration Approach

For restoration, filling and sealing are put into place, and if the crown is ready, that’s included in the appointment as well. Dentists recommend this approach in order to better monitor how the root canal (and the issue it addressed) is healing. Every appointment of a multiple-visit approach can take 30 minutes to an hour.

Today, the single-appointment approach has become more popular with the help of advanced dental technology. A lot of folks prefer this because of their busy schedules. Everything that needs to be done (including X-rays) can all be accomplished in the same place. In a single sitting, a root canal treatment can be completed without the quality getting compromised. Single appointments can take just 30 minutes to over an hour if there are no complications present.

Steps to Ensure a Flawless Procedure

If you need a root canal, most dentists’ advice is to set aside adequate time for it in your schedule. Setting aside adequate time is particularly important if you wish to have the entire treatment done in a single appointment. You don’t want to rush your dentist.  Allow him enough time to carry out every aspect of the procedure flawlessly, says the Prescott, AZ dentist. If possible, make sure you don’t have anything planned after the treatment. It’s good to rest immediately afterwards to ensure speedy recovery, especially if you have experienced pains, swelling and other discomforts prior to the treatment.



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