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Do I Need Porcelain Veneers?

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Porcelain Veneers

Important Information About Porcelain Veneers 

In this world where outward appearance counts for so much, it’s difficult not to feel the pressure to look good. Some countries are known for placing a high value on aesthetic qualities, but it’s no secret that wherever you may be in the world, those who are naturally gifted with attractive features, as well those who pay careful attention to their appearance and how they carry themselves, seem to exude more confidence, receive more opportunities, and experience greater positivity.

Facial features always draw much attention from others, and these include a person’s smile. A smile is a great weapon; it can powerfully disarm others and make them less guarded or cautious. People who have a nice smile are also deemed more confident and trustworthy, some studies reveal. For these reasons, many invest a significant amount of time and money in achieving a beautiful smile. Parents spend thousands of dollars on their children’s braces; adults get teeth whitening treatments; and if they have misshapen, cracked, chipped, gapped or discolored teeth, they opt to get dental veneers.


Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Speaking of dental veneers, many ask if they are designed purely for aesthetic purposes. This may seem like the case most of the time, but dental veneers actually have other benefits beyond beautification. Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Do I need veneers even if I don’t really care about how I look?”


Here are three good reasons why you may need them — even if having perfect-looking teeth isn’t one of your worries.

Speech Improvement

Veneers, which are commonly used to correct the appearance of front teeth, can actually improve your speech. A chipped or cracked tooth can make certain letter sounds difficult to produce. If you care about proper enunciation, you definitely will benefit from having veneers placed on your damaged tooth.

Protect Your Damaged Tooth

You lower the risk of the tooth getting damaged further when a veneer is placed. An already damaged tooth is more prone to wear and tear because it’s no longer a complete structure, but when the veneer is placed on the tooth, the veneer will receive the pressure more than your original tooth.

Dental Comfort

As a solution for tooth gaps, veneers create comfort. You will no longer have to worry so much about food constantly getting stuck between the gaps (where plaque can actually build up and cause bad breath and cavities), and wearing away that little gum area in the gap. They contribute to better oral health.


Veneers are not only made and used for aesthetic purposes. So, if some folks around you are saying that veneers are all for vanity and you don’t really need them, you can help them become more aware of the true worth of this dental restoration solution. If you live in the Chino Valley area and would like more information about porcelain veneers, contact the dental professionals at Horizon Dental Group today! 


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