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The Connection between Migraines and Teeth Pain

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Migraines and Teeth PainSinusitis, Migraines and Teeth Pain – What is the Connection?

Pain is a part of life. Some of the common pains people are familiar with are stomach aches, back pain, migraines and teeth pain. For these pains, it’s usually easy to determine what may be causing them.

But what if the possible causes you’ve identified — because of the location where the pain is concentrated — turned out not to be the real reasons behind the pain? It’s just like that terrible “toothache” that wouldn’t go away — you’ve taken over-the-counter drugs for toothaches and explored other remedies, yet the ache still remains and even seems to be intensifying over time. If this is the case, it’s quite possible that the toothache is not a real toothache. 


Identifying The Real Issue

Studies prove that there are certain conditions that create discomfort in rather unexpected areas of the body. Because of this, people confuse the symptoms of these conditions for something else. Take, for example, a bad sinus infection. The pain of sinusitis is not concentrated and confined around the nose. The worst pains of this infection are actually felt around the jaw area, the ears and the eyes. These pains are even typically accompanied by swelling of the gums.

Another example is an atypical migraine. This migraine’s pains occur in the mid-face location, while most migraines occur in the forehead region. In the occurrence of such migraines, experiencing tooth pain that is so intense and long-lasting is inevitable. This is the main reason why confusion as to what kind of pain you are feeling transpires. It’s so easy to conclude that there’s something wrong with your teeth because they hurt.


Seeking the Correct Diagnosis

Turning to a dentist when you feel such pains will prove to be quite helpful, even if the true source of pain isn’t a dental issue. A dentist is knowledgeable in neurovascular orofacial pain and can correctly diagnose it. Not only that, but most dentists today (who don’t specialize in orofacial pain management) work with other medical professionals for an accurate diagnosis. This, then, will create a multidisciplinary approach or treatment program that will be effective in easing the discomfort of atypical mid-face migraine. 


Preventing Complications

The collaborative approach dentists take in dealing with conditions that manifest through teeth pains ensures patients get the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. The accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of conditions are crucial in preventing severe consequences, such as more intense pains and complications.


The excruciating pain and discomfort of sinusitis and such migraines are easily treatable with medication. Patients who suffer from sinusitis, migraines and teeth pain can remain pain-free with the right prescription medication and regimen. It is crucial that you seek out help from your local Prescott Valley Dentist when the pain starts in order to prevent a more intense issue from developing.

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