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Invisalign Process: What Should You Expect?

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Invisalign ProcessThe Invisalign Process: What Should You Expect?

If your regular dentist suggests that Invisalign would be an excellent treatment to try for your particular dental issues, then there are a number of steps you must take to ensure that you get the dental solution you need.

Provided below is a brief overview of what the Invisalign process would be like.

Finding the Right Invisalign Provider

Not all dentists and orthodontists are trained to deliver Invisalign, so you will first need to find one to perform the treatment for your specific case. Much like searching for a regular dentist, you’ll want to decide on the one who will be working on your dental health after thorough research and comparison so you can be sure that you have made the correct choice.

To identify the best dental professional for the  job, you can do the following:

  • Take a test called the Smile Assessment (you can find the link on Invisalign’s website) to gain an idea ahead of time whether Invisalign is suitable for your dental condition.
  • Create a list of Invisalign-trained dentists, orthodontists or doctors in your area (or in nearby areas that you are willing to travel to for regular visits).
  • Schedule an initial consultation with each provider on your list and take this opportunity to talk about your condition, ask questions, inquire about the costs of the treatment and dental or orthodontic insurance, and other relevant concerns.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Your chosen provider will take photos, impressions and x-rays of your teeth so that a precise treatment plan can be mapped out. Using Invisalign’s special technology, the dentist can  determine the kind of movements your teeth must make and the treatment’s approximate time period (in general, Invisalign treatment can span about a year for adults and about two years, much like traditional braces, for teens; these will vary, of course, among cases).

Using Your Custom Aligners

You will be wearing the clear aligners (made of smooth and comfortable BPA-free plastic) that were made for you based on your personalized treatment plan throughout the day. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners can be removed when you eat or while you brush or floss your teeth. The aligners will be virtually invisible to other people, and as you wear them, they will be working to gradually and gently shift your teeth into the proper place.

After every two weeks, you will be given a new set of aligners to wear as you progress with your treatment. You will also have to visit your Invisalign provider about every six weeks so they can check and monitor your progress. If you comply with the dentist’s recommendation to wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours each day, you will be able to see how much your dental condition has improved at every stage of the treatment.

By the time you have completed your Invisalign process treatment, you will discover a more beautiful, confident smile. Contact your local dentist in Prescott at Horizon Dental Group to set your consultation. 

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