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Do I Really Need A Dental Crown

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Dental Crown

Dental Crown

Do I Really Need a Dental Crown?

When a dentist recommends a dental crown to a patient, the patient will often ask, “Do I really need a dental crown?” Let’s take a look at a few important facts about dental crowns and some of the techniques that your dentist might use to determine if a crown is necessary. 


Pros vs. Cons

One of the main reasons why patients often ask this question is because of the price of this restorative treatment. A reputable dentist will always inform his patients about available options to choose from as well as the pros and cons of these. Often, dentists recommend dental crowns because this is the best option for the patient.

If you are unsure whether a dental crown is the best option for you or not, you can get a second opinion. Patients are cautioned against dentists who immediately recommend crowns before letting their patients explore other options.


How does a  dentist determine whether a dental crown is indeed needed?


First, a dentist will look at the condition of the affected tooth. Dental crowns are often recommended for teeth that are cracked. Take note that when teeth are cracked, they cannot mend on their own. Depending on the condition of the crack, you may need to undergo a few procedures like extraction, crown lengthening or root canal.


Reputable dentists will not recommend dental crowns for teeth with craze lines. These are fairly common, are harmless, and do not affect the structural integrity of the teeth.


In some cases, a dentist will recommend fillings instead of a dental crown. Do note, however, that fillings often delay the inevitable—you will still need a dental crown sometime later.


Should you delay the procedure?

You may also tell your dentist to wait a little longer so that you can decide better. If you are going to wait, there are four possible outcomes that you should be aware of.


First, nothing will happen. Second, the affected tooth can either chip or it could crack; with the latter, you will definitely need a crown. Third, if you wait long enough, you may need to undergo a root canal procedure. Finally, if the tooth splits, you may have to have it extracted or opt for crown lengthening.


If the tooth is infected or acutely inflamed, you may need to undergo root canal. On the other hand, if you have a silver filling for about 2/3 of your tooth, you may need a crown. The small amount of tooth that you have left makes it vulnerable to cracking.


Before deciding whether a dental crown is best for you, schedule an appointment with your local dentist. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind.

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