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Dentures – Which are right for you?

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Dentures in Chino Valley AZ

Full or Partial Dentures – Which is Right for You?

If you’ve lost some of your permanent teeth, the “quickest” solution (and the cheapest, too) to restore your smile would be dentures. You get two options: full and partial.

So, are full or partial dentures right for you? Are they the best solution to your unique case of missing teeth?

Full dentures are ideal for people who have already lost a complete set of teeth. Meanwhile, partial dentures are ideally used if you’ve only lost a few and you still have several natural teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

Cost of Dentures

In answering this question, perhaps your main consideration is your budget, because while there are other dental solutions available, they are definitely more expensive than dentures. But if money’s no issue, determining whether or not you should opt for dentures will depend mainly on the brand of convenience you want, the look and feel you prefer, the condition of your gums, and your overall physical health. Making this careful decision with the support of your dentist is advised.

Oral Care for Dentures

When it comes to convenience, dentures require a big change in your oral care routine. Since these are removable and come with artificial gums, you can’t brush the conventional way; you would have to remove your false teeth to thoroughly clean them as well as make sure that there are no food particles (that can cause bad breath) stuck in the artificial gums. You will need to remove and soak them overnight as well to properly sanitize them and avoid the risk of swallowing and choking on them.

It’s also worth noting that there are certain foods you may need to avoid because dentures will not stay put if you eat them; some examples of such foods that denture users should avoid are jerky and other tough meats, chewable candy, toffee, and gum.

As for their look and feel, dentures definitely take some getting used to because they’re removable. They’ll never feel truly part of you because of this. If that’s fine with you, then restore your smile with dentures, but if you prefer the experience of real teeth, explore permanent options.

Now, if your job requires you to talk often and you constantly worry that your dentures will loosen and drop while you’re talking and cause you great embarrassment, perhaps a permanent solution in the form of dental implants will be more suitable for you. It’s important to mention, too, that if your gums have receded greatly, dentures will no longer work for you, as there’ll be nothing for them to securely attach to. Even adhesives won’t keep them in place if the base—your gums—has become thin and worn down.

Lastly, if you have a disease like diabetes, you automatically would not be a good candidate for dental implants because severe complications may occur. Dentures are more likely to be recommended by dentists to avoid the serious health risks that a complex procedure like implants may present.

To learn more about Dentures and your options with them, contact our Chino Valley or Prescott valley Office for a consultation.



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