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Dentist Anxiety – How to Calm It

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Regular visits to the dentist, along with brushing and flossing, are considered the foundation for excellent oral health. You simply can’t have healthy teeth and gums without the other. With that said, excellent oral health and Dentist anxiety typically don’t go hand in hand.

Many people avoid going to the dentist even if they are experiencing excruciating pain or even if they need the attention of a dental professional for an emergency dental visit. They would rather grin and bear the pain than book an appointment with a dentist and get treated for their dental problems.

Dentist anxiety, What is the reason behind it?

Reasons vary from one patient to another. Some fear that the anesthetics used by dentists are not sufficient and that they will experience a great deal of pain. Others feel that dentists simply go through the motions and are not really concerned about their patients and their needs. There are also some people who may have had a bad experience with one dentist and the smell of a clinic is more than enough to trigger their memories and consequently, their anxiety.

But whether you are totally comfortable sitting on the dental chair or you have been putting off a visit to an oral health professional because of your anxiety, one thing is for certain: You cannot afford skipping an appointment with your Dentist. Calming your anxiety about the dentist is a vital step in achieving good oral health. Dr. Mark is sharing his tips on what you can do to calm your anxiety about the Dentist.

What exactly can you do to calm your anxiety about the Dentist?

More often than not, overcoming one’s anxiety hinges greatly on your choice of a dental professional. Simply put, you cannot let one bad experience with a dentist prevent you from getting the best care that you deserve. Conducting extensive and diligent research can help you find a dental professional you can trust and establish rapport with. That is one vital step that you can undertake to overcome your fear of the dentist. More patients are turning to websites like YELP and Google Reviews to determine which Dentist is going to provide the best care.

After taking this crucial step, there are a few other things that can help you substantially reduce your anxiety. For one, it can help to communicate your fears with the dentist and his staff. This allows these professionals to better adapt to your needs.

  1. Breathing deeply and slowly is another excellent way to manage anxiety. If you feel that you are about to have a panic attack, go to a quiet place and begin deep breathing.
  2. If the sound of dental equipment triggers your anxiety, you can bring along your MP3 player or your smartphone to listen to music.
  3. Prior to a dental appointment, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages. Instead, consume protein-rich products which can help you keep calm.
  4. Consider scheduling a visit to the dentist during off-peak hours. This way, you won’t feel rushed.
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