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What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

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Dental EmergencyWhat Is considered a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can happen, no matter how careful or meticulous with your dental hygiene you may be. Of course, not all complaints or accidents involving your teeth and gums require you to run to the ER. Some incidents can be addressed with a few first aid remedies, and can wait until the dental clinic opens. At the same time, you need to know how to determine if the injury or condition needs urgent attention, so you can call up an emergency dentist without delay and prevent further complications.

What is a dental emergency? The following situations will need immediate action:

The bleeding can’t be controlled

Minimal bleeding in the mouth can be alleviated through rinsing with water or the application of an ice pack. But if the blood doesn’t seem to stop, then it’s a clear sign that you need to call the doctor right away.

You lost a tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out due to physical trauma (due to any reason: your mouth bumped into something hard, you have been hit in the face or mouth area, etc.), going to the dentist ensures you get the immediate examination and treatment you need.

Your dentist will check for a dislodged tooth
, if it just got chipped, or if it has acquired a serious fracture. Based on his or her findings, your dentist will carry out the right procedures according to the specific problem.    

In some cases, urgent care may make it possible for the tooth to be placed back into position. If retrieving the lost tooth is possible, a Prescott, AZ dentist recommends doing the following steps:

– Handle the tooth by the crown – never touch the roots.

– Place it under gentle running water.

– Try if the tooth can be placed back into the socket; if this isn’t possible, store it in a clean container, preferably with some milk, to be taken to the dentist.

You are experiencing severe tooth and facial pain

Home pain relief remedies can sometimes allow you to tolerate the pain until dental clinic hours. Sipping on ice water can help as well, unless it’s sensitivity to cold that’s causing the discomfort. But consider it an emergency if the pain continues and has become even more intense over time. Don’t delay your trip to the clinic or ER if discomfort in the mouth already makes it difficult for you to breathe.

You have obtained tissue injury

The injury doesn’t need to involve the actual tooth for it to be considered a dental emergency. Tissue injuries, such as a sizable cut, wound, tear or laceration in the mouth including the lips, tongue and the inside of your cheeks, require urgent attention. In these cases, it’s best to go straight to the hospital emergency room while waiting for your emergency dentist.

You are seeing signs of infection

Fever, excessive pain, swelling or “bulges” in the gums, or pain on the tooth when biting down are all indications of the presence of an abscess and/or infection. An infection should be treated as early as possible, so call your dentist immediately if this is the case.

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