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Best Tips for Preventing a Broken Tooth

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Broken ToothBest Tips for Preventing a Broken Tooth

Your teeth are tough, which is probably why, at times, you use them for purposes usually reserved for hand tools (such as ripping open a bag of chips).

But as tough as teeth are, they are still prone to breakage — especially if you’re physically weak or you do not take care of them really well. Also, if you put your teeth against equally hard or harder elements, they will likely lose in the “durability” battle.

If you don’t ever want to suffer a broken tooth (and look rather funky), here are the best tips for preventing a chipped or broken tooth.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

It can prevent demineralization by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks from sugar and plaque bacteria.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools

It may seem cool to be able to remove a cola crown using your teeth, but they may not be strong enough for the job. Your teeth can get seriously damaged.

Stop Biting Your Nails

This creates a grinding action that wears away the tooth’s enamel.

Always Make Sure That Your Meats are Free From Bone

Accidentally biting down on chicken, pork or beef bone can easily crack a tooth. So, slice meats into small pieces to be able to separate bones properly, instead of consuming them in big chunks.

Beware of Corn on the Cob as Well

Cooked corn kernels may be soft, but the cob will remain tough. Likewise, be careful of popcorn pieces that are not properly popped. The dried kernel is often very hard.

Don’t Chew on Hard Candy

Not only is the overwhelming amount of sugar bad for your teeth, chewing on hard candy can significantly increase the chances of a chipped or cracked tooth.

Don’t Chew on Ice

Not only is it hard, it’s also extremely cold. You’ll get tooth sensitivity and make your teeth prone to breakage. Chewing ice is a big no-no, according to a Prescott, AZ dentist. If you can’t avoid ice (especially if you’re pregnant and ice helps you control the discomfort), opt for crushed or slushy ice.

If You Suffer From Bruxism, Do Invest in the Right Protective Equipment for Your Teeth

The constant teeth grinding when you’re not conscious can wear down enamel and, at the same time, make your teeth weak and prone to further damage.

Improve your diet and make sure you regularly consume food items that are known to strengthen teeth such as milk, yogurt, kefir and cheese (which all have plenty of calcium and phosphorous), celery, strawberries (which can also whiten teeth, by the way), meats, sesame seeds, and parsley.

If you are suffering through the pain of a broken tooth call your Prescott Valley dentist as soon as possible. The professionals at Horizon Dental Group are highly trained to handle your broken tooth efficiently and as gently as possible.

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