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Dr. Jonathan Park

    My Education

    Before dentistry I had a BSME (BS in Mechanical Engineering) from University of Illinois at Chicago. I worked for a Nuclear & Fossil power engineering company in Chicago doing design work for nuclear power plants and test labs. After a couple years I began to realize I was missing certain things from my work and began having second thoughts about my chosen career. A little over the two year mark I put in my two weeks notice and after my 2nd round of undergrad at UIC, I was accepted to and graduated from Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville) – School of Dental Medicine.

    Why I Choose Dentistry as My Career

    I had certain expectations from engineering that I realized early on would not be met. From as early as I can remember, I was a tinkerer. As a naive junior in high school picking his career based off little to no real life experience, I assumed I’d have a life similar to that of Iron Man himself. When reality set in after over two years as an engineer, I began to realize a fundamental clash of my actual passions/interests and the type of work I could expect to be doing in the following years.

    Today I’m doing exactly the kinds of hands on work and design that I felt I was missing before. And while I did change careers, I don’t see it as me leaving engineering behind. I quickly realized in dental school that so many of the principles I had learned applied to dentistry. However, this ability to scratch my tinkerer’s itch is just an added bonus. The real satisfaction comes from having a career where my job is to help people smile AND eat all of their favorite foods. Even after the toughest of days, I sleep easy knowing that I’m helping people do these two things.

    About Me

    I am currently serving patients in three of the Horizon Dental Group locations. Prescott Valley, Spring Valley, and New River.

    When I am not practicing Dentistry, I love experiencing foods and cultures, exploring places I’ve never been before, cooking, sharing laughs and quality time with those important to me.

    A Fun fact about me, in dental school I was given the award for “Best Hair”. I look forward to meeting you and learning a few fun facts about you!