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Sedation Dentistry

Gentle Dental Care for Nervous Patients

An easier way to enjoy going to the dentist

An easier way to enjoy going to the dentist

Find out more below about how we can help you visit the dentist anxiety free. If you are frightened by the idea of going to the dentist, we can help.

Dental Care at Ease

Are you afraid of going to the dentist, even if it’s for a simple cleaning? There is no need to be, with sedation dentistry at Horizon Dental, you can have a pain free, and nervous free experience.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is used to relax nervous patients, but it can also be used for patients who have sensitive teeth or a low pain threshold, have a bad gag reflex, have a hard time sitting still in the dentist’s chair, or for someone who is at the dentist to have a lot of work done. Sedation dentistry can also be helpful for patients with psychological fears, such as a fear of needles, and for patients who just don’t want to be aware of what is going on during the procedure. With sedation dentistry, the patient is given medication to help them relax, or, in some cases, the medication can make the patient completely unconscious.

There are different levels of sedation and different ways your dentist may administer it but, our dentists have decades of combined experience using sedation methods to calm nervous patients.

What is IV sedation dentistry?

IV (intravenous) sedation is administered into the bloodstream using a needle inserted into a vein. Advantages of this type of sedation are that it begins to work very quickly, and the dentist can easily adjust the level of sedation if he needs to. IV sedation is typically used when moderate sedation is required. With moderate sedation, the patient is awake but drowsy…

What other sedation dentistry drugs are used?

For minimal sedation, which relaxes the patient but keeps them awake, we will use laughing gas. This is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide. This is the only type of sedation where the patient is awake enough afterward to drive themselves home. For moderate sedation, an IV is often used, but a pill or a liquid can also be used by the patient. This oral sedative is given about an hour before the procedure.

For deep sedation, the patient is almost or completely unconscious throughout the procedure, after having taken some medication.

What are the sedation dentistry side effects?

Some people never experience side effects with sedation dentistry, but as with any type of procedure, there are some possible side effects to be aware of. Nitrous oxide can cause minor nausea and constipation. Oral medication may cause dry mouth, lightheadedness, dizziness, or a headache. After IV sedation, the patient may remain groggy for hours afterward, and they may feel nauseous. If you are concerned about sedation dentistry side effects, you can always give Horizon Dental a call.

How much does sedation dentistry cost?

The cost of sedation depends on the type used. You should check with your insurance company to see if they will help pay for sedation.

Is sedation dentistry for children

Yes, sedation dentistry can be safely used on children. Sedation for children is especially helpful if the child has to have a lot of work done, or if they have problems calming down enough to undergo a treatment.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

The major benefit, of course, of sedation dentistry, is that you won’t be terrified of sitting in the dentist’s chair! This makes it more likely that you will visit the dentist when you need to, so you can have excellent oral health.

Sedation dentistry can also mean less time spent in the dentist’s chair — if you are sedated it is much easier to have that procedure that terrifies you done in one visit, rather than having to spread it out across multiple visits. If you have always dreaded that visit to the dentist, sedation dentistry may be the answer for you. Make an appointment by calling our offices today.

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