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A treatment to help relieve tooth pain

A treatment to help relieve tooth pain

Find out more below about how we can help you relieve the pain with root canal treatment. If you are looking for root canal experts, we can help.

Suffering From an Infected Tooth

If you have been told that you need a root canal, you must have a lot of questions running through your mind, and the most important one is: will it hurt?

We want you to know that root canals aren’t painful like they are rumored to be. The procedure is important for good oral health.

What is a root canal?

Inside the tooth’s tough exterior is a pulp chamber with connective tissues, blood vessels, nerves and soft tissue.

If a cavity isn’t filled and is allowed to get bigger, or if a tooth is cracked or broken and isn’t repaired, bacteria can get into this pulp, multiply and cause an infection. If this happens, it is important to clean the infected tooth with a root canal. If the infected pulp isn’t removed, it can lead to an abscess, which is a pocket of pus on the tooth root. Either the abscess or the infection itself can cause bone loss around the tip of the tooth and other serious problems.

What is the procedure for a root canal?

Before your root canal, Horizon Dental Group dentists will take X-rays of the tooth and the surrounding area to check for signs of infection in the bone. Then, they will numb the area with a local anesthesia.

The dentist will drill a small hole in the top of the tooth so he can remove the infected pulp. The dentist will clean out and disinfect the inside of the tooth. He will fill the inside of the now-empty tooth with an elastic material and some antibiotic medicine to fight infection. Then, he will place a crown or a filling over the tooth to protect it.

A root canal procedure can take one visit to the dentist, or it can take up to three, depending on how your Horizon Dental Group dentist thinks the treatment should proceed.

How much do root canals cost at Horizon Dental Group?

You can contact the staff at Horizon Dental to discuss the costs involved for any procedure. The staff would be happy to find out how much of the procedure your insurance will cover. Staff members can discuss financing options with you if you don’t have insurance.

Do root canals hurt?

Root canals have a horrible reputation as being painful, but most people who have had a root canal say that it hurts about as much as getting a filling.

What are some root canal symptoms?

Your dentists at Horizon Dental Group will confirm if you need a root canal, but you should be aware of some symptoms.

  • a tooth that has turned a dark color
  • sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, even when the hot or cold has been removed
  • severe tooth pain when you chew
  • unusually tender and swollen gums
How long does root canal recovery take?

Most patients who have had a root canal can get back to their regular activities within a day. A root canal is an important procedure that prevents more serious problems and stops the pain of an infected tooth. If you think you might need a root canal, don’t put it off any longer! Call today to make an appointment.

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