Meet Dr. Rebecca Long

Dr. Long completed her dental degree at University of Southern Californian Downtown Los Angeles, CA. After completing dental school, Dr. Long was ready to move back to the best town in the country; Prescott, AZ. Dr. Long and Prescott native boyfriend, Sam Shapiro, are eager to help our local community grow a family of their own here. They love the small town community and great outdoor opportunities that Prescott has to offer.

The Professional Side

Upon completing her dental school training, Dr. Long was recognized for her exceptional clinical skillset among dental school graduates by being presented the AAOP Certificate of Merit Award. Eager to begin working, she reached out to her long-time mentor, Dr. Mark Costes. Dr. Long was a nanny to the Costes family when she attended college here in Prescott, and Mark knew she would be a great fit for the practice. With Dr. Costes’ mentorship, Dr. Long has hit the ground running with comprehensive care for the Chino Valley community. Dr. Long is well versed in complex dental cases due to her extensive USC dental training including several community outreach programs allotting her experiences unique to most dental students, including pediatric and surgical care. In her ongoing training, Dr. Long continues to learn how integrated oral health is to one’s overall health and aspires to improve his patients’ lives as a whole through exceptional dentistry.

The Personal Side

Dr. Long and her long-term boyfriend, Sam Shapiro, have two adventurous dogs, Anna & Penny. With Sam being a Prescott native, the two are kept busy with local friends and family. After years of dating, Dr. Long and Sam are getting ready to settle down and begin a family of their own; and there is no better place to begin this journey than in their Hometown. When they have a weekend free, the two of them enjoy taking the dogs out to the lake, working on DIY house renovations, and hiking the copious amounts of trails the area has to offer. They also enjoy visiting new countries and embarking on new adventures together in these foreign communities. Their hobbies vary from season to season, but the two of them are always up to some type of adventure no doubt about it!

Dr. Long is an avid drag racer and enjoys this hobby in her full renovated 1968 Volkswagen Karmenn Ghia. This was Dr. Long’s first car, and she and her dad built it from the pan up. Dr. Long has been drag racing for several years and enjoys the thrill of competition; something she misses from collegiate sports. In 2022, Dr. long achieved a coveted “Trip Zip” light to win her a 1stplace on the race day.

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